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A plan for a just recovery

The AFB Recovery Plan is a collective blueprint for how Canada can get through this crisis in the short, medium, and long term. It closes the chapter on the old normal.

For 25 years, the Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives (CCPA) has published an annual alternative federal budget—the original wellbeing budget in Canada.

This year is no different. And yet everything is different, with the advent of COVID-19.

Upstream Director Trish Hennessy was pleased to partner with the CCPA to publish a Just Recovery Plan for Canada.

The Just Recovery Plan isn’t solely focused on the economy, as though economic issues can be disconnected from everything else. Rather, it adopts a Health-in-All-Policies approach. Because if this pandemic has taught us anything, it’s that public health is the requirement for economic health.

The Just Recovery Plan charts a course toward equity. In what follows, we promote a vision for Canada that includes a caring economy plan, an income support plan, a healthier communities plan, and plans targeting key sectors that are most impacted by the pandemic and related economic slowdown. Importantly, as in past alternative federal budget projects, the Just Recovery Plan also outlines a path toward fiscal health, answering the question: how do we pay for the transformation this moment in history demands of us?

Upstream and the CCPA understand the weight of this moment in history. The Just Recovery Plan tells us a better future is possible, with the right investments. The full Just Recovery Plan is available at


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